Defender Apollo Wireless CCTV Camera Kit


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The Defender Apollo Wireless Camera Kit is a complete HD CCTV system for protecting your property from external threats. Consisting of a 720p weatherproof camera and a 10.1 inch LCD wireless monitor, this kit enables you to keep an eye on an area of your property from the comfort of your own home.

The kit can also be expanded with additional cameras, with each monitor supporting a maximum of 4 feeds simultaneously. The Apollo also possesses the functionality to link directly into your smartphone (iOS and Android), meaning you can view and control your footage wherever you are in the world!


  •         Fully wireless HD CCTV kit
  •         Each kit comes with 1 x camera & 1 x monitor
  •         Up to 4 cameras per monitor
  •         720p camera (IP66 weatherproof)
  •         10.1 inch LCD monitor
  •         Built-in 1TB HDD DVR
  •         Night vision
  •         Smartphone compatible (iOS & Android)
  •         Easy to install and operate

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